Moxa jiufa

Moxa-wool ist made from the processed leafs of Mugworth (Artemisia Vulgaris). By lightening Moxa-wool heat is produced. The parts where Moxa is applied are mostly acupuncture points, sometimes though whole regions. We are using Moxa in order to dispell cold and to increase the flow of Qi and Blood in the body.


Cupping ba guan


By creating a vacuum, a glass or plastic ball (cup) is applied on certain parts or points of the body to subdue cold or heat that is trapped inside and will give a stagnation of the flow of Qi and Blood. This method has therefore also a big influence on the regulation of the internal organs.



Gua Sha guasha

The parts of the body, where there is a blockage, are scraped with a porcelaine spoon or a special Gua Sha scraper to bring up the "sha" (often cold) that is trapped under the surface.


Laser-acupuncture jiguangzhenjiu


When treating children we sometimes use a LLLT laser for the stimulation of the acupuncture points. This is completely without pain and has in children the same effect as needles.

Furthermore the laser is also used to stimulate the regeneration of cells. It has a big influence on the microcirculation.